How Much Does Sump Pump Installation Cost?

Knowing the sump pump installation cost helps you to understand the total expenditure on the project. A sump pump is an important part of the drainage system of any home. Having a sump pump installed in the basement is the best way to eliminate flooding risks. Despite the initial cost, it will save your property from water damage costing you much more. 

sump pump installation cost

Why Do You Need a Sump Pump?

A sump pump removes water from your basement and protects your property from flood and water damage. If you live in an area of heavy rainfall and extreme weather, it is always a good choice to have a sump pump installed in your basement. If not, unnecessary flooding may damage your basement and even cause issues in the strength of the foundation. Installing a sump pump will also be a remedy for your moist and damp basement. It will keep your basement dry and free of mold. Moreover, you can try various dehumidifying methods to keep moisture away from your basement.

Cost of a Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump installation is not a cheap task, especially if you are installing it for the first time. There are many preparations to be done, which will cost you a lot for the labor. However, the average sump pumps are affordable, and there are various options for you to choose from. A sump pump unit is around $250 – $375, and a professional installation costs around $1,200. So, you can expect to pay something from $1,000 to $3,000 for labor and materials.

Factors That Impact the Cost

In addition to the cost of the sump pump unit and the labor cost charged by the installer, certain other factors influence the overall sump pump installation cost. Having a basic idea about these will help you get an idea of how much you will have to spend on the project.

Type of Sump Pump

There are two main types of sump pumps; pedestal and submersible. The price of each type varies due to the different structures and mechanisms of the two options.

  • Pedestal Sump Pumps: The motor of this type sit above the basin and are not submerged. Although they can be loud and consume more space, these pumps are more durable than submersible ones. They are also less expensive, and the prices are usually around $75 – $200 per unit. The installation of a pedestal sump pump would cost only around $800. This type of sump pump is ideal for minor water issues as it can handle small volumes of water.
  • Submersible Sump Pumps: The motor and the pump are embedded in a single unit and located underground. Since it is submerged in the basin, it reduces noise and saves space. Submersible pumps can handle large amounts of water and could be less durable. It is quite difficult to access them for inspection and maintenance. The unit price and installation cost of submersible pumps are quite more than the pedestal pumps.

Replacement VS New Installation

Replacement of a sump pump costs less than a new installation since there is less preparation. A sump pump replacement cost breakdowns as the cost of the new sump pump and labor costs. A professional installer will charge around $200 – $600 for a sump pump replacement. This may increase if there is anything more to be replaced or repaired. The cost of repairing a sump pump ranges from $400 to $550. So, you can expect to pay an average cost of around $475 for a sump pump repair.

Extra Units

If you are expecting to install a backup sump pump for the system, then you need to spend more on it. It will cost you extra for the pump and installation. You can purchase either a battery-powered or water-powered backup pump. It is a wise decision to have a backup pump to prevent your basement from flooding during a power outage. 

Floor Preparation

The sump pump installation costs more depending on the type of flooring and the complexity of the basement infrastructure. A section of the concrete basement floor needs to be removed for the sump pump installation. Since thicker concrete takes more time and labor to break, the price will increase accordingly. If your basement or crawl space is dirty, cleaning the space will also add to the total cost. So, you need to estimate the cost considering these preparation activities. You can also install the sump pumps outside in areas prone to flooding. So, you can also consider this option by consulting a professional.

Water Buildup or Damage

If your house is already damaged by water, then you first need to dry the area before installing the sump pump. The process of drying your basement or crawlspace could be expensive, depending on the extent of the damage. This can even be intensive work, especially if it is during a rainy season.

Location and Permits

In some regions, you need to get a special local government permit to install a sump pump. It is mostly about how you expect to connect to drain the sump pump. If the drainage line of your area is not built to handle high volumes of water, they may have restrictions in directing your discharge into the local storm system. This is because it could damage the structural integrity of the roads and sidewalks. Some local authorities assign you to have a drainage point at a minimum distance away from your house and other buildings. So, make sure to contact your localities to find these legal concerns and get the necessary permits before you proceed.

Other Factors

Accessibility of the home drainage system, the existence of an accessible drain, and the type of plumbing lines available are some other factors that impact the sump pump installation cost. If more preparation for this plumbing work and landscaping is required, then the contractors may charge you more.

DIY or Professional Installation

It would obviously cost less if you could install the sump pump on your own. But it is not recommended if you are not experienced in the field. It could even cause damages beyond the cost of a professional installation if you do something wrong. Although the professional installation may cost you more, it is advantageous since they do the task correctly within a time frame. The cost of professional installation ranges from $600 to $1,800. Consult the contractor before you purchase to see if they have any recommended sump pumps. They will also inspect your basement and tell you how much the whole installation process will cost so that you have an overall idea of your expenditure.

sump pump installation cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Sump Pump Add Value to a Home?

Having a proper water removal mechanism from your basement increases the value of your home. It is a plus point, especially if you are planning to sell the house. A sump pump increases the safety of your house from possible flood damage. So, it adds value to your house without having to spend any extra money. 

Who Should Install a Sump Pump?

If your house is built on a concrete slab without a basement, then you may not need to install a sump pump. But if you have a moist basement that is prone to dampening with groundwater, then you should definitely install a sump pump. People living in areas prone to high rainfall and storms should also use a sump pump to keep the basements dry. If the water tables in your area are high, then it would be better to have a sump pump. 

Is There an Alternative to a Sump Pump?

There are many alternative ways in which you can discard water without using a sump pump. French drains, gutters, and ground grading to direct water away from the house are some potential alternatives to a sump pump. But these options are passive methods, which implies that they do not force the water out of the system. They simply create a path through which water can flow away from home. A sump pump actively pumps water from the region to prevent it from flooding. Therefore, a sump pump is more effective when compared to the alternatives. However, you can combine these options with a sump pump to increase the water removal rate even further.

Can You Finish a Basement Without a Sump Pump?

It is possible to finish a basement without installing a sump pump. But it would cost you more for the demolishing and installation. So, the best way is to install your sump pump before finishing the basement. You can use sump pump covers and other ways to disguise the sump pump in the basement. 

How Long Does It Take to Install a Sump Pump?

The average time taken to install a sump pump is around 6 – 8 hours. This might increase if the basement floor is thick since it takes more time to break through. However, the installation of modern sump pumps is easy and can be done quickly by experienced professionals. 


The sump pump installation may be a costly project to prevent your basement from flooding. But it is surely less expensive than repairs and replacements of damaged property. A basement flooding may cost property damage worth over $10,000. So, if you are living in an area prone to extreme weather, a sump pump installation is the best investment.