10 Best Sump Pump Cover Ideas

When going through the sump pump cover ideas, it is important to make sure that these methods do not obstruct the function of your sump pump. It is equally important to conceal the sump pump without taking much room from the basement. Here are some innovative solutions to hide your sump pump securely. Find out which option will suit you the best, depending on your preference. 

sump pump cover ideas

Why Should You Hide Your Sump Pump?

Sump pumps remove water from the basement and keep it safe from flooding during heavy rains and storms. Despite being useful equipment that removes water from the basement, sump pumps might not be a pleasant sight. Their mechanical construction is not aesthetically appealing if you are using the basement as a living space. This is the reason why most people look for suitable ways to hide the sump pump. 

Ideas to Hide Sump Pump in Basement

There are different ways in which you can conceal the sump pump in your basement. The following are some suggestions for covering a sump pump. You can select the best option depending on your requirement.

1. Use a Decorative Sump Pump Cover

Concealing it with a sump pump cover is probably the best and easiest way to hide a sump pump. Sump pump covers come in different types, styles, and prices. You can go for a functional sump pump cover which also has the advantage of being decorative. Usually, these sump pump covers can be installed easily without having to change anything in the setting. Here is one such pump cover recommended for you.

The Original Radon/Sump Dome (Model: SMR16101-CV)

This sump dome design covers an existing basin and provides seals of any gas and odors. The sturdy build made from polyethylene structural foam provides additional safety. It is universal and easy to install since it fits over all installed basins. With this, you don’t need to dig up the basement or garage floor to remove the sump basin that already exists. You can simply remove the old cover and install this new cover over the opening. This brings you a completely new appearance and a properly sealed system. It comes with caps to seal off the holes if you don’t need to use any of them.

2. Hang a Curtain From Ceiling to Floor

You can also hand a floor-to-ceiling curtain to make it appear like a wall. This will cover the sump pump area from the rest of the space. It is a better option if you need to keep it concealed while being able to access it at any time you want. It’s better to keep the curtain an inch or two short off the ground in case water will accumulate and leak into the basement. The downside is that it will not do anything against the loud sound of the sump pump.

3. Build a Closet

sump pump cover ideas
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The next option is to put a closet around it to hide the sump pump. Anyone with basic construction abilities can build a suitable structure. This gives you more storage space in addition to the shelves you already have in the basement. Make sure to leave the lowest shelf so that you can reach the sump pump. It also reduces the noise as you build the closet. You can make it even quieter by using some insulation in the closet. Having a closet with a proper door will keep your kids and pets from reaching the area. 

4. Fake Floor

sump pump cover ideas

Fake flooring is another effective way to cover your sump pump. Place the sump pump underneath wall-to-wall flooring on the ground. Create shelves by repeating the process so that it conceals the sump pump without reducing any storage space. When choosing fake flooring, go for a natural look that fits the background of your basement. 

5. Cover It With a Rug

One of the simplest ways to cover the sump pump is to use a rug or a carpet. It is the cheapest solution among all the options since you don’t need to invest in buying anything new. It will also add an aesthetic appeal to the setting. Simply select a suitable rug to match the basement floor. It will make the area less visible and not catch the attention much. 

6. Use Plywood

Using plywood to create your own sump pump cover is another cost-effective solution. Since sump pump covers in the market are quite expensive, you can go for this cheaper alternative. Cut the plywood to match the shape of the spherical pit and cut out the necessary holes. Add a piece of square-shaped wood on the top to use as a handle. 

7. Cover With Plants

Hide your sump pump behind some plants to bring some natural appeal to the basement. Place the pots around the sump pump and make sure that they don’t fall into the basin. Always remove any dry leaves that could fall into the pit as it may cause more issues and even flood the basement. Use house plants that keep your basement more favorable and reduce the need for air conditioning. 

8. Build a Small Deck

A small deck over the sump pump would be another idea out of the box. Build a simple wooden platform with the help of two supporting posts on either side. Add a carpet over the top of the deck to make it more matching with the vibe of your basement.

9. Cover With Furniture

sump pump cover ideas

You can suitably rearrange your furniture to cover the sump pump. Place a chair or a couch over the sump pump and fix it underneath to keep it in place. This is a good way to keep your kids and pets away from the sump pump while it’s running. But make sure that the legs of the couch are not positioned right on top of the cover. If they do, then the cover may break in when someone sits on the chair. 

10. Make It Less Noticeable

Another good way to make your sump pump less obvious is to position it in a place where it is not noticeable. If the sump pump lies in the middle of the room, it will easily catch the attention of everyone and make the area less appealing. Place it in a suitable area away from the main sitting area or staircases that people use very often.

Note: Whatever you do to hide the sump pump, make sure that you don’t block the sump pump drain pipe. The drain pipe needs to release the water collected in the sump pit. In case you block the drain pipe, it could clog the drainage system and you will end up with a flooded basement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sump Pit Cover?

An airtight sump cover protects both the pump and the basement. If your sump pit doesn’t have a cover, you can install one easily. If the sump is left exposed, it may collect debris that will eventually block the pump. This will cause the clogs to develop so much that bad odors and dangerous radon gas could enter the basement.

Does a Sealed Sump Pit Need to Be Vented?

Usually, the sump pump covers are made to fight tightly without venting. It should not be necessary to vent any gases to the outside if the sump is sealed properly. But certain areas will need to be vented. Heavy radon might want you to vent the drain lines and the sump pit.

Should Sump Pump Be Covered?

Sump pumps should always be covered with a suitable gas-tight lid. This prevents unnecessary moisture from seeping into the house. It will even lessen the impact of noise generated during operation. You can use a suitable soundproof material for the sump pump cover. Regardless of this, the sound will most often be brought down as you tighten the seals.

Do Sump Pumps Increase Radon?

Radon is a gas that enters a building from the soil below and around the house. These gases can come from the sump pump or pit. Radon can pass through openings, cracks, or thin concrete in the basement. It can even enter through the footing drain tile connected to the sump pump in your basement. If there is heavy radon in the system, the sump pit might need to be vented.

Why Does My Sump Pump Smell?

A sump pump may smell due to various reasons of which the formation of mold and mildew being the most common cause. Tainted groundwater entering the sump basin can also cause the sump pump to smell. If a sewage line is broken in the area, it may contaminate the groundwater which will leak into the sump pit afterwards. This will cause the sump pump to smell like rotten eggs due to the sulfur dioxide from the sewer. You can clean the sump pump using vinegar and bleach to remove unpleasant odors.


These sump pump cover ideas are affordable and creative ways to conceal your sump pump. You can try a suitable DIY method to make your own sump pump cover without spending extra money. It will not only make your basement more appealing but also reduce the noise and prevent gases from entering the house.

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