Foundation Repair Before and After – What to Expect ?

It is important to know what to expect in foundation repair before and after the procedure. You will often find foundation damage as cracked walls, sagging floors, sticking doors, and cracks in concrete slab foundations. It is necessary to attend to this as soon as possible before it can cause more structural deterioration.

Before Foundation Repair

The site should be clear without anything heavily obstructing the area. If it needs drainage correction, then you need to relocate the plants. Clear around the perimeter of the house as much as you can. Move any furniture out of the way to allow the best access to the foundation. Once the foundation is free from any equipment, the foundation repair will begin. 

The plumbing may be affected if the foundation slab settles. So, your plumbing system might also require repairs, depending on the situation. Most reputed foundation repair companies have professional plumbers who can assist during foundation repair.

After Foundation Repair

Once the foundation repair is complete, you might notice certain shifts and changes in the house which is quite normal. However, there could still be certain visible damages since all cracks cannot be repaired. About 70% of the cracks come together, while 20% may stay the same. The remaining 10% is where the cracks could worsen. This is because new cracks can appear as the foundation settles into a new position. All residual damages will not disappear with the foundation repair. So, the best option is to have the foundation repaired as soon as you notice problems initially. Here are some of the things you need to take care of after the repair.

Review the Warranty and Work Order

The foundation repair companies normally inform you about the procedure and what to expect after the repair. They also advise you on residual damages and foundation maintenance tips to help improve structural integrity.

List the Issues to Address

Check the condition of the floor, walls, and structure after the repair. Find out any issues, from simple cosmetic repairs to structural defects. Create a list of these issues so that it makes it easier to address each case.

Post-foundation Repair Watch List

There are certain things to check in foundation repair before and after the process. Check out the condition of the following areas after the foundation repair.

Backfill Soil

If there were exterior repairs in your foundation, then check the areas where the soil was removed. If the backfill soil touches the siding, then it is too high. The moisture can get through the siding and damage the structure. Although soil settles after some time, you can remove it and make sure it is on the proper level.


The foundation repairs affect the plumbing and sprinkler systems very often. If you find any issues with this, contact the repair company. They will either send a plumbing expert or advice you to get help from a suitable plumber.


You might find that there are visible cracks in the walls even after the repair. Watch the cracks for a few weeks to see whether they develop, or new ones are created. Once the foundation settles, you can fill them, especially the exterior cracks to prevent insects from creeping in.


The floor tiles and boards would also need replacement along with the interior repairs. Some floor regions could crack, or discolor based on the process. So, it’s a good idea to have extra material in case you have to replace it. 

Doors and Windows

If some doors and windows are still difficult to open, then it could indicate that there is still a problem with the foundation. But it might also be that the doors and windows are adjusted while the foundation is unleveled. Check these possibilities to determine how you should address this issue.

foundation repair before and after

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Repairing a Foundation Worth It?

This depends on the condition of the foundation and the expense of repairs. The cost of foundation repair is usually around $2,000 – $7,500. The average cost is around $4,500 for a moderate repair. Small cracks can be filled with epoxy for a few hundred dollars. But major foundation issues can cost up to $15,000 – $25,000. Foundation repairs increase the value of the house rather than letting visible foundation cracks degrade the house. 

Can Foundation Repair Cause More Damage?

It may appear that foundation repairs cause more damage since new cracks start to appear within a few weeks into the repair. But this does not necessarily mean that repairing causes more damage. 

How Long to Wait After Foundation Repair?

You should wait around 4 – 6 weeks after the foundation repair before attempting any repairs. This gives time for the structure to settle, during which new cracks may develop. Take note of all changes and new instabilities of the house during this time. You can address these issues after the recommended time to get better solutions. 

How Long Does a Foundation Repair Last?

Foundation repairs last for a long time if performed by a reliable company. Find a suitable service provider reputed for their quality work. It is also important to maintain the foundation after repair. Manage the vegetation and drainage to prevent any possible damage to the foundation. Install a French drain or a similar drainage system to minimize the effects of water damage.

Is It Safe to Live in a House With Foundation Problems?

Most of the time, it is quite safe to live in a house with foundation issues. But most foundation problems tend to worsen over time. So, fixing them as soon as you detect any cracks is important. Contact a professional in your region to assess the situation and confirm whether it is safe to live in the house after repairs.


The final say is that do not put off your foundation repairs. It is mandatory to repair the foundations as soon as you identify a problem. It helps prevent further distortion of the structure. Fixing early saves you money, and you have less to worry about. Contact a professional to get an estimate on the repair costs for your foundation. Many companies even offer financial plans to make it easy for homeowners to afford the cost of repairs. This is because it is very important to fix housing issues that might affect the safety of the residents.