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White Mold In Crawl Space: Causes & Solutions

The growth of white mold in crawl space is a common residential problem. It is often a result of damp surfaces after rainy seasons, plumbing leaks, or poor dehumidification. But sometimes, people tend to ignore white mold considering it less harmful than black mold. However, white mold is also capable of causing many negative effects and health issues. Find out more about this white fungus in crawl space and how to get rid of it. What Are White Mold, Efflorescence, …

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what type of mold smells like skunk

What Type Of Mold Smells Like Skunk?

Have you ever wondered what type of mold smells like skunk? It is a common confusion since most mold smells musty or smoky. But different types of mold have particularly different colors and odors. Skunk odor is a very unpleasant smell that lingers indoors for a long time. You might even have to try different ways to eliminate the odor once you clean the mold. What Does Mold Smell Like? The best terms to describe how mold smells are musty …

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Skunk Smell in Basement – (Possible Causes & Fixes)

A skunk smell in basement could be due to various reasons. But the first thing that comes to your mind would be a skunk itself. So, check for any signs of a skunk inside the house, especially if you get a skunk smell in the house at night. It can even be an emergency if your house smells like a skunk or rotten eggs. So, you should diagnose the issue right away to eliminate any risks.  What Does a Skunk …

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can mold in basement affect upstairs

Can Mold In My Basement Affect Upstairs? Mold Guide

Can mold in basement affect upstairs? This is a common question among people who have mold forming in their basements. Mold has nothing but negative effects on your property and family. It not only destroys your valuables but also causes health issues for your loved ones. You cannot escape these health problems even if you are living upstairs.  Why is the Basement Affected With Mold? There is a higher chance of mold forming in basements because it is dark, damp, …

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