French Drains

Surface Drain Vs French Drain: Which Drainage System Is Better?

Choosing the best solution from surface drain VS French drain is quite challenging. However, you need to pick the best option depending on the land setting and soil conditions. You might have to face occasional water damage in case you don’t make the correct decision in installing the proper drainage system. A foundation repair can cost up to $10,000 or even more, depending on the intensity of the damage. This may reduce the value of your property over time.  To …

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dry well for septic system

How To Build A Dry Well Septic System

Installing a dry well for septic system is a common method of discharging gray water. In addition to the conventional systems, a septic system may have different types, such as chamber systems, sand filter systems, mound systems, and aerobic treatment systems. Dry wells and leach fields are two common aspects used in septic systems to discharge wastewater. Let’s find out more about these two options along with their characteristics. How Does a Septic System Work? Sewage from the house passes …

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French Drain Distance From House Guide

You should find the correct French drain distance from house to install it effectively. If not, it may damage the basement causing additional issues. French drains function best when installed at a correct distance, at the proper slope, to direct water away from the house. Here’s everything you need to know about installing a French drain around the house. What is a French Drain? A French drain appears similar to a drainage ditch which can be easily identified with the …

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6 Best French Drain Alternatives (2023 Update)

There are a few alternatives to French drains in case you need to try something different. Most people find French drains more costly and unappealing. It requires digging and laying a drain line which requires a lot of time and labor. You can find more powerful solutions that drain the water quicker than a French drain among these options. You may also find it difficult to use a French drain if you have to conduct the water uphill to the …

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French Drain Vs Catch Basin: Which Drainage System Is Better?

French drain VS catch basin; the different applications in these two options are the key to selecting the best solution. They are two separate water draining mechanisms used for different purposes. So, you can select what you need based on the discussion below. You can even combine the two methods to improve the rate of draining water from your garden. What is a French Drain? A French drain consists of a perforated pipe laid inside a drainage trench. It is …

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dry well vs french drain

Dry Well Vs French Drain – Which Is Better?

To determine the better option from Dry well VS French drain, it is important to know the differences between the two. These two solutions involve different mechanisms to drain water from your house to a desired spot on the land. You can pick one of these two depending on your situation. There is also a possibility of combining these two to create an efficient water drainage system. Let’s find out more about French drains and dry wells.  How Does a …

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Sump Pump vs French Drain – Which is Better?

What You Need to Know About French Drain VS Sump Pump There is a significant difference between a sump pump and a French drain. They have different mechanisms for preventing water from soaking your premises. So if you choose between these two, you should first identify the details about these two options. Sump Pumps Sump pumps are electrically powered and run on a motor to remove the water from undesired places. It will then transfer the water through a pipe …

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