Backflow Preventer

Anti Siphon Valve Vs. Backflow Preventer: What Is The Difference?

The anti siphon valve is another backflow-preventing mechanism used in various water systems. It is a safety mechanism that prevents contamination of water. Although it may not be a common occurrence, water backflow occurs due to freezing of pipes, pipeline bursts, and sudden high demands of water. Backflow-preventing mechanisms are also used in toilets to prevent contamination. To decide the best option for your water system application, you should compare an anti-siphon valve VS backflow preventer. What is a Backflow …

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Toilet Backflow Preventer

Toilet Backflow Preventer and Check Valve Guide

A toilet backflow preventer is a device installed to prevent cross-contamination of water. It makes sure that contaminated water does not head back to the main water supply. There are various methods by which you can prevent the backflow of water. Cross connections are rated under three degrees of hazards as follows. High Hazard: This includes where the water supply system is contaminated and has the potential to cause death. Medium Hazard: This involves causing health issues related to the …

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backflow testing cost

How Much Does Backflow Testing Cost? (Guide 2023)

As you should conduct backflow testing once every year, it is important to know the backflow testing cost and how it varies. The valves will be inspected by licensed plumbers to check the functionality, and they will then report the status of the test. Before you find out about the cost, you should know what backflow is and how it may affect your water system.  What is Backflow? As the name implies, backflow occurs when water flows in the opposite …

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