6 Best Sump Pump Alarms – 2023 Complete Guide

There are many important factors to know before you purchase a water alarm for sump pump. There are various types of alarms and also different features embedded in them. This guide brings you all the necessary information related to high water alarm for sump pump and the best sump pump alarm systems. They are chosen based on user feedback and customer reviews on their performance and reliability.

Sump Pump Alarms

Types of Water Alarm Systems

Water alarm systems have evolved over the generations. Newer models have various technological advancements incorporated into their designs. Although the alarm systems have developed, the older versions still remain with their limited features. So they are relatively cheaper and often found in the local stores. The advanced models are often sold through the manufacturer at a considerably higher price. Here are some main types of water alarm systems.

Traditional Water Alarms

The traditional water alarms can only alert you when water is present in the sump pit. It beeps loudly with a sound level of around 100 dB. It is useful if you are home but it cannot inform you if you are not within a distance to hear the alarm. However, it is the cheapest type of water alarm available on the market.

Wi-Fi Sump Pump Alarms

This type of alarm sends text or email notifications as the alarm goes off. Since your alarm can connect with the Wi-Fi system, you don’t have to purchase a sump pump system with Wi-Fi integration which is very costly. This water alarm for the sump pump will notify you if something goes wrong, even if you are not at home. More advanced designs of these smart water alarm systems come with integrated mobile apps. You can install the application on your mobile phone and monitor your alarm and pump. Usually, these new alarm models can be integrated easily with existing sump pumps and other pump applications. They are available for primary sump pumps, backup sump pumps, and also for combination sump pump systems.

Alarm Dialers

This is often used by renters in addition to a sump pump alarm system. The low-temperature alarm dialer alerts the user if the internal temperature drops below 42 ˚F. It notifies the user about low-temperature conditions where the pipes could freeze and burst. This was a popular alternative before Wi-Fi alarm systems were introduced on sump pumps. They can only be connected to a landline phone line. The system can call up to 5 phone numbers with an automated message. Once this system is installed in the area to be monitored, you don’t need to worry as you will be notified even if you are away from the premises.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Sump Pump Alarms

Although most sump pump alarm systems are not costly, it is important to find the best option since you cannot install alarms every day. Since the sump pump alarms have a very low workload, they usually last for a long time. Finding the proper water alarm for the sump pump is essential to prevent your basement or crawl space from flooding.

Noise Level

The loudness of the alarm sound is an important factor in selecting a sump pump alarm. The alarm should generate a noise level loud enough for the homeowners to hear within the house at least. So, check the decibels on the alarm before you buy it. It should be at least 85 dB for you to hear it properly. Installing an alarm with very low noise levels is useless since you cannot hear it during an emergency.


Although alarms usually run on electricity, some sump pump alarms are powered by a battery. So, the alarm will go off even if there is no electricity in the house. But you still need to make sure that you have power since sump pumps cannot run without electricity. Overall, going for battery backup models is a better choice.


Installation of sump pump alarms can be quite confusing if you don’t have prior experience. There are even some alarm types that are hard to install than the others. So, go for a sump pump alarm that can be easily installed with the provided installation guide. If you are not confident in the installation process, you can always contact a technician to get it done. They will charge a fair fee depending on the installation mechanism of the alarm.

Mobile Alerts

With technological development, the sump pump alarms also have advanced in the notification process. You can now get alerts on your mobile phone through text or emails. If you are not at home when the alarm goes off, regardless of how loud your alarm is, you will not get the alert. So, it is essential to get notified about a sump pump emergency even when you are not at home. So, go for a smart alarm system with this facility which improves the quality of your lifestyle.

Onboard Battery

Most sump pump alarms are powered by an electrical cord, but some have battery backups. If you live in a region of frequent power outages and adverse weather, it is a good idea to select an alarm system with battery backup. Make sure to keep the batteries charged so that the alarm can go off when necessary.

Multi Use Functionality

Some alarms serve multiple purposes other than using for sump pumps. Some models can even detect mold, high or low temperatures, and even low water levels. Depending on your application, you can pick a model for your alarm system.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The latest models connect to the wireless network to alert you through digital notifications. Since all models do not have Wi-Fi connectivity, check the specifications of the model before you buy. It is highly recommended to go for an alarm with this feature as it will notify you even if you are not home to hear the alarm going off.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Sump Pump Systems

As you are aware of the main categories and types of sump pump alarm systems, here is a brief account of the advantages of having a Wi-Fi sump pump system. 

  • Smart: The smart system sends notifications to your mobile device. 
  • Reliable: Since the whole system is integrated to function together, the Wi-Fi integrated alarms are very reliable.
  • Easy to monitor: You can easily check the diagnostics of the system through an application on your mobile phone. 

6 Best Water Alarm for Sump Pump

Here are some of the best alarms that you can use for sump pumps. They are picked based on user reviews related to the performance, reliability, durability, and quality of the alarms.

Proteus L5 Wi-Fi-monitor-Sensor-buzzer-Alerts

Proteus L5 Wi-Fi-monitor-Sensor

This Proteus alarm system detects the water level and buzzes when it exceeds a set threshold. You can view it live on the cloud as it connects to your home Wi-Fi. No hub or gateway is necessary for the connection. In addition to sump pump water level detection, it can also monitor tanks and similar applications. The set-up is easy as you can connect the back mount power plug directly to the wall outlet. The alerts can be programmed as the water goes above or below a set value. The device is in constant connection to the Proteus web server and it functions even if the power goes out, Wi-Fi goes down, if the device or the sensor becomes unplugged.

The unit comes with a 25 feet cable and if you need to extend the length, you can purchase an extension cord from the manufacturer or a standard 3.5 mm male-to-female stereo extension cord. Can detect various water levels for example, normally low can be used for sump pumps, and where you will be notified if the water level exceeds it. Normally high is used for aquariums to notify you when the water level drops below a certain preset level.


  • Easy installation procedure
  • User-friendly
  • Normally low and normally high options
  • Comes with a cable of 25 feet
  • Wireless display features
  • Weight is 4.2 ounces


  • Negative reviews on the difficulty of connecting with Wi-Fi
  • Poor installation instructions

Zoeller 10-4011 High Water Alarm

Zoeller 10-4011 High Water Alarm

This is a high water alarm by Zoeller, a reputed brand in the industry. This high water alarm system allows you to detect the high water levels in the sump pump. The power supply of this alarm system comes with a 6 feet cord. The battery-powered system requires two AA cells. It is well known for its long battery life and also has a silencer or a reset button. 


  • Easy to install with proper instructions
  • Plenty of connecting wire


  • The alarm is not loud enough

HS-700 HomeSitter Alarm System

HS-700 HomeSitter Alarm System

This is a cost-effective multi-functional home monitoring system that protects your property from water leaks or temperature extremes. The installation process takes only a few minutes if you have a phone line and a power outlet. This alarm has a water sensor that can detect basement floods, overflowing sump pumps, and even leaky pipes. It also notifies the user of high and low temperatures as well. The system can call up to 3 phone numbers to send a voice message. It also has a power outage alarm and a low battery alarm. The alarm weighs 1.2 pounds and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. There are no additional monitoring fees or installation costs involved. 


  • Notifies if your furnace or air conditioner fails
  • Alerts you about pipe bursts and flooding
  • Cheap and easy to install
  • Can add more sensors in parallel with the existing alarm


  • User complaints regarding false alarms

Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm System

Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm System

This alarm system that monitors liquid levels can be used in different applications such as sump pumps, sewage basins, and tanks. You can preset the desired water levels for the alarm to go off. It is rated for indoor use with a non-corrosive NEMA enclosure. Batteries are not included but can be powered with a 9 V battery backup. In addition to the alarm horn with 87 dB, it also has a low battery chirp. The alarm also consists of a 15-foot float switch, a mounting clip, and installation instructions. The maximum amp rating of this alarm is 10 A and the unit weighs 2.75 pounds. The manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty for this product.


  • Provides early warning of pump failure
  • Easy to install
  • Good customer service
  • Reliable and durable products


  • Users claim an absence of clamp and bracket
  • Low ratings for technical support

Basement Watchdog

Basement Watchdog

This battery backup sump pump system connects to Wi-Fi and has a monitoring controller. The pump has the capability of pumping 2,500 GPH at a lift of 0 feet and 1,730 GPH at a lift of 10 feet. You can easily maintain the as the control panel indicates the warnings and what you need to do. A separate sensor monitors the battery fluid levels. The pump comes with a controller, charger, dual float switch, and battery box whereas the battery is sold separately. Since this pump is compact, you can easily install it even in a narrow sump pit. If the power goes out, the battery backup will take over to continue the function. The item weighs 11.88 pounds and the manufacturer offers a warranty of 2 years. 


  • Provides monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Sends real-time alerts via text, email, app, or home security provider
  • Has an automatic, multi-stage 1.6 amp charger
  • Reliable battery backup system


  • Only around 76 dB at a distance of 1 ft
  • Slightly expensive

In/Outdoor High Water Warning System

In Outdoor High Water Warning System

The flood sensor detects the water levels and informs the user when it reaches a dangerously high level. This alarm system is ideal for lift stations, pool pumps, and grinder pumps with its gasketed enclosure and weatherproof parts. The polypropylene float switch detects changes within 6 feet. The owner is informed well ahead of time with quick notifications during an emergency. The LED lights up as a visual indicator while the 90 dB horn provides audible alerts from the sensor.

The while power indicator LED shows that the sump alarm has power. This comes in handy when checking whether the pump has a tripped breaker. You can choose floats of lengths 10-foot, 16-foot, 33-foot, and 95-foot. The device can work in temperatures ranging from -40 ˚F to 140 ˚F. It weighs only 1.9 pounds and the anchor hardware and cable ties make the installation easy.


  • Has a high noise level of 90 dB
  • Comes with wall anchors and instructions
  • Offered in both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi
  • Affordable quality product


  • The tethered float switch is less reliable

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Sump Pump Battery Last?

During a power outage, a fully-charged new battery will last approximately around 5 to 7 hours of continuous pumping. It can even last up to 1 – 3 days of non-continuous pumping depending on the frequency. The power drops as the pump runs longer. It will usually take up to 6 hours to charge a sump pump battery that has been used extensively. 

Can You Put an Alarm on a Sump Pump?

Yes, you can install an alarm on your sump pump to monitor the performance of the pump. The alarm goes off if it detects any dangerous water levels in the system. This keeps your sump pump safe while preventing your basement from flooding. If you are not within a hearing range as the alarm goes off, you can go for a model that sends notifications through a smart system. The Wi-Fi connectivity of sump pump alarms provides you with this facility. Select a battery-powered sump pump alarm so that the alarm can work even during a power outage. You can also add battery backup to an existing pump.

Can You Install More Than One Sump Pump Alarm in a System?

You can install more than one alarm in the sump pump system. But if you already have one sump alarm, there is no need for another one. But if you doubt the function of your current alarm, you can definitely connect another one. Try to pick the right solution in the first place so that you don’t have to go for two alarms.

What is the Service Life of the Sump Pump Alarms?

The lifetime of a sump pump alarm depends on the workload of the pump. If water gets into your basement only at certain times, then it is very less likely for the alarm to go off. But if you live in a region of regular flooding, then the alarm will have more work. If the alarms are operated with batteries, you need to change the batteries often as well as the cords. However, the service life of a sump pump alarm is considerably long.

What is a Sump Pump Float Switch?

A sump pump float switch acts as a level sensor that detects the rise in water levels inside a sump pit. When the water level rises to a certain pre-defined point, the float switch will open a circuit that triggers the pump to start pumping water up and out of the basement. Hence, the sump pump float switch acts as the brain of the system which decides the moment of action.


Although you may feel that a water alarm for a sump pump is an unnecessary expense, there are many benefits of having one for your sump pump. It prevents your basement from flooding by informing you at the right time. It also saves your sump pump from potential damage caused by overworking and also flooding.